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Guangzhou Jingli Building Materials Co., LTD (former Guangzhou Sungain Copper Cable Products Co.,Ltd.) is a professional producer of cable-holders and manhole covers in China.Our main products include:SMC cable-holders(also called glass fibre cable-holders or synthetic material cable-holders),polymer-based synthetic material manhole covers/water grid or water grate(also called recycled resin synthetic material manhole/grid or grate), glass fibre(SMC DMC) die mould,plastic mould processing and glass fibre pultrusion profiles processing.Our company has great capability in manufacture.We can produce 10 million pcs SMC cable-holders,20 thousand square metres of high intensity synthetic material cable manhole covers and 250 thousand sets of synthetic material drainage grid/grate annually.

Our cable-holders are made from SMC materials in a special mould under the pressure of 300 tons and the temperature of 145 degree.It is one of our new products with our own independent intellectual property rights.It won 250 thousand yuan Technology Innovation Progress Prize by Guangzhou Panyu Science and Technology Bureau in the year 2006.The products have nice electrical insulating performance.Its bearing capacity is higher than cast iron or angle iron.It has nice appearance.It is rustproof,corrosionproof and alkaliproof.It is easy to use and durable.It can last about 50 years.It is especially suitable to be used in cable ditches in coastal areas,damp and dark places,metro or high buildings.

The synthetic manhole covers and grid/grate are our new products developed in recent years.They have the characteristics of anti-theft,rustproof and light in weight.They are the best substitute of cast iron,cement and other materials.Now they have been widely used all ove the country.

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